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New System Designs to Improve Packaging Processes

August 31st, 2020 by Prime Automation Inc.

Design Challenge

Prime Automation Inc. was tasked by a customer to integrate a new system design to improve its packaging process as their production requirements increased. The customer was looking for cost-effective solutions that did not require an entire robotic line but needed the production line to work cohesively with operators.

Prime Automation’s Method

The new line introduced a servo-gantry system to pick and transport products onto the production line, with the highest level of technical standards. A vision camera was used to detect parts on the pallets, compare actual parts found against a complete recipe system, and divide into two individual packaging lines. In each packaging line, the parts are separated for inspection and analyzed by operators to ensure dimensions and final finishes are accurate. Each line will see anywhere from 200-600 parts per hour, with parts ranging from 10-16mm and packaged into boxes for shipping.


Guarding and complete cells were created for this project. The system successfully picked, separated, inspected, and packaged the parts for final packaging and shipping. Through a 6-month project, an entirely new line was implemented to automate existing manual procedures.

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