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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Prime Automation Inc ‘Prime’ is the sole owner of all content within our site, which includes and is not limited to our logos, graphics, pictures, names, and more. The content within our site is utilized for sharing information about our organization with our existing stakeholders.

Purpose of the Site

The purpose of the site is to keep current and accurate information about ‘Prime’ accessible to the public. The reuse of material on our site is solely for informative purposes and should not be mimicked or manipulated at any point. If you require any additional information about the existing material located on the site, please contact

Information We Collect

Thank you for your continued interest in our organization. ‘Prime’ utilizes the information generated from the website for purposes directly related to the customer or applicants. There are some exceptions or circumstances where the reuse of information will be distributed amongst the hiring team for those who have submitted job applications to our website. By following PIPEDA and ensuring the privacy of our stakeholders, the information submitted on our website is strictly used for inquiries or hiring processes. At no point will the use of personal information will not be sold, shared, or rented to any third parties without any given consent. 

How We Use the Information

Your information remains confidential. We will only collect information for the benefits or needs of the customer and/or applicants. For example, if you submit for an inquiry online, the information provided is solely used for the benefit of the holder.

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