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JET-SET® Hydraulic Systems

Prime Automation is pleased to announce us as JET-SET®’s newest Canadian supplier! Prime continues to offer industry solutions best suited for your business needs providing highly efficient and quality products to serve you better.





About JET-SET®

JET-SET® Hydraulic Spray Systems consist of a variety of different applications to help smoothen your process with lubrication and hydraulic spray systems. Since 1963, JET-SET® has supplied the industry with superior service with its best-selling products such as JET-SET® 9100 stainless steel piston pump.


Why Choose JET-SET®?

JET-SET® Hydraulic Spray Systems offers a variety of solutions to fit your industry needs. These compact systems are used for multiple purposes throughout the industry. As a trusted organization for over 50+ years, JET-SET® products like the MOD1-E range from general-purposes to industrial applications such as stamping, forging, mining, conveyor systems, or scrap takeaway.

Product Lines:

  •  Modular Spray Systems,
  •  Jet-Set Spray Systems,
  •  Pumps,
  •  Nozzles, and Controls.

There are a variety of lubrication solutions we can offer your organization. These products are used in multiple different industries including, the automotive, appliances, furniture, and aerospace industries, since 1963 and will continue for many more years.




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JET-SET®'s famous Spray System is the most effective way to lubricate your production lines. 



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Are you looking to enhance your production-line using automated lubrication processes? Its efficiency and reliability can depend on it!   


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Commonly known as the Flex Nozzle or the 1000-M, JET-SET® Flex Nozzle holders are ruggedly built to withstand all normal shop punishment. 

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