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JET-SET® Hydraulic Systems

Prime Automation is pleased to announce us as JET-SET®’s newest Canadian supplier! Prime continues to offer industry solutions best suited for your business needs providing highly efficient and quality products to serve you better.

About JET-SET®

JET-SET® Hydraulic Spray Systems consist of a variety of different applications to help smoothen your process with lubrication and hydraulic spray systems.

Since 1963, JET-SET® has supplied the industry with superior service with its best-selling products such as JET-SET® 9100 stainless steel piston pump.

Why Choose JET-SET®?

JET-SET® Hydraulic Spray Systems offers a variety of solutions to fit your industry needs. These compact systems are used for multiple purposes throughout the industry. As a trusted organization
for over 50+ years, JET-SET® products can be used from general-purposes to industrial applications including stamping, forging, mining, conveyor systems, or scrap takeaway.

Product Line Include

  • Modular Spray Systems
  • Jet-Set Spray Systems
  • Pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Controls

There are a variety of solutions we can offer your organization.

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Top Products

JET-SET®'s line up has a variety of top of the line, highly efficient products including:

  • MOD 1 – E
  • MOD 21
  • Nozzle
  • Roller Coater
  • Roller Coater Spray Systems

These products have been used in the automotive, appliances, furniture, and aerospace industries since 1963 and will continue for many more years.

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