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“Prime Automation Inc. is committed to enriching students by providing them credible work to become experts in their professions.

 – Mike Taub, Co-Founder of Prime Automation Inc.

Prime Automation Inc. offers the opportunity for students to work within a growing organization and apply their knowledge to develop real-world expertise. Each co-op student is taught various industry skillsets, including electrical design, PLC programming, panel building, and project management skills on existing customer projects. 

Our goal at Prime is to be as versatile in our teaching while supporting independent and collaborative work for our co-op students.

Check out what our students had to say about us:

I had a fantastic experience working for Prime. The exposure to the automation industry and the hands-on work with electrical drawings were very helpful with my third-year lab courses. Not only was this practical experience invaluable, but it was also a great group of people to work with.” – Robert Leung, Co-op Student

"In the six years of my post-secondary education, Prime Automation was one of the best co-op employment experiences. From the first day, I felt welcomed and part of a team, making my industry growth, and learning their priority. Each project that I was assigned was backed with tremendous support from dedicated professionals. Working at Prime encouraged me to set high expectations for myself, to take pride in my work, and to be meticulous." – Lukasz Jach, Co-op Student

Prime provides a work environment to learn the fundamentals of automation, with the freedom to grow and specialize in different areas.  I have the opportunity to work with a diverse team of industry role models who are eager to share their knowledge of the industry. Working Prime has been a continuous cycle of teaching, learning, and collaborating.” Sarah Broda, Controls Designer and Panel Builder


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